Monthly Archives: July 2016

Reba & Hiram

I recently met up with Reba & Hiram for some photos along the UGA Intramural Fields trails near Lake Herrick, and these are some of my favorite portraits I’ve captured! Hiram is moving away soon, so the couple had the idea to have some pictures made before he leaves. They chose the location because it holds significance and memories for them, including a particularly meaningful lakeside bench. I had a lovely time capturing some truly adorable images of the two <3 See my favorites below! Like what […]

Maxeys, GA

This past weekend, I had family in town from Alabama, and I was so excited to go on a photo adventure with my cousin Cori! We decided to go explore a particular location neither of us had ever been before, but somehow managed to get lost (thanks to my particular lacking of a sense of direction). We aren’t sure if we missed a turn or took the wrong one, but somehow we ended up in a small town called Maxeys, Georgia […]

Athens, GA Night Photography

While my favorite aspect of photography is capturing genuine moments and my subjects’ personalities through candids and portraits, I also love night photography! I first tried it out in Paris last summer, and I was instantly hooked! You might have seen my previous post of night photography in Athens, GA (and if not, you can check it out here 🙂 ). Until Sunday night, it had been months since I’d taken any night shots, and I had a sudden urge to grab my camera and capture […]