Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Iron Horse: September Stars & An October Sunrise

Despite having grown up in Athens, GA, I had never visited the Iron Horse until recently. The large, abstract sculpture was first placed on campus at UGA before being relocated in response to vandalistic reactions by students to the modern work of art. The Athens landmark is now located in the middle of a field off of Highway 15, just inside Greene County (about 11 miles past the Watkinsville Jittery Joe’s). I’ve heard people mention the sculpture for years, but I had never gotten around to seeing […]

Kayla’s Graduation Portraits

Kayla is graduating from UGA this semester! HOORAY! I love graduation sessions because completing college is such an awesome accomplishment, and I’m always impressed by the achievements and aspirations I learn about during each shoot. I really enjoy getting to know each person I photograph and hearing about what makes them unique! During her time at UGA, Kayla has been studying exercise and sports science, and she intends to attend PA school in the future. So cool! In celebration of her upcoming graduation, we took […]