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Astrophotography in Athens, GA

As a photographer, I love to experiment with long exposures and night photography. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may have seen some of my favorite nighttime images from Paris and Tybee Island, and here at home in Athens, GA. In recent months, I’ve begun experimenting more with astrophotography. A few nights ago, I noticed that the skies were completely clear–a perfect night for photographing stars! A few friends and I found a spot outside of town to capture the night skies. You’ll notice some ambient […]

Travel Photography: Nature Photography in Tena, Ecuador

My last three blog posts have featured my favorite photos from my recent trip to visit my twin sister in Ecuador. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my posts about a brief trip to Quilotoa Crater Lake; a rogue house, a rainforest lagoon and some adorable monkeys in Misahualli; and the beautiful waterfalls of Pimpilala! Below are some of my favorite miscellaneous nature images from my trip to Tena. I found myself captivated by the vibrant colors and wide variety of plants there! Like […]

Travel Photography: Pimpilala Falls

If you haven’t seen my last two blog posts featuring photos from my recent trip to Ecuador, be sure to check out my images from Quilotoa Crater Lake and Misahualli. On our last day in Tena, my sister and I made our way to Pimpilala Falls, a set of waterfalls in the nearby community of Cando. See my favorite images from our trip to Pimpilala below! 🙂 Like what you see? Show some love and “like” Mackenzie Taylor Photography on Facebook! If you like my […]

Travel Photography: Misahualli, Ecuador

As you may have read in my previous blog post, I recently travelled to Ecuador to visit my sister, who has been living in Quito for most of the past year. Some of our travel plans got rained out, but I nonetheless had a great time exploring Quito, spending a few minutes at Quilotoa Crater Lake, and spending a few days in Tena, a city in the rainforest. While in Tena, we caught a bus to Misahualli, hoping to see the monkeys at the well-known “monkey […]

Travel Photography: Quilotoa Crater Lake, Ecuador

On my recent trip to visit my twin sister Sarah Anne in Ecuador, she and I visited Quilotoa Crater Lake. In the typical fashion of many of our (mis)adventures, things didn’t go as smoothly as we’d hoped; in spite of our well-planned endeavor to arrive at Quilotoa early enough to complete a 5-hour day hike before returning to Quito, a number of unexpected circumstances resulted in a much longer journey than we had anticipated! By the time we arrived, there was only about an hour of […]

The Iron Horse: September Stars & An October Sunrise

Despite having grown up in Athens, GA, I had never visited the Iron Horse until recently. The large, abstract sculpture was first placed on campus at UGA before being relocated in response to vandalistic reactions by students to the modern work of art. The Athens landmark is now located in the middle of a field off of Highway 15, just inside Greene County (about 11 miles past the Watkinsville Jittery Joe’s). I’ve heard people mention the sculpture for years, but I had never gotten around to seeing […]

Tybee Island, GA at Night

I spent this weekend at the beach on Tybee Island, Georgia, where I took some photographs using long exposures! I LOVE using long exposures at the beach because the slow shutter speeds make the water look so beautiful and smooth, conveying a sense of motion as the waves ebb and flow. I took these photos toward the end of sunset; see my favorites below! If you like my work, you can also order prints from my online gallery! Like what you see? Show some love […]

Maxeys, GA

This past weekend, I had family in town from Alabama, and I was so excited to go on a photo adventure with my cousin Cori! We decided to go explore a particular location neither of us had ever been before, but somehow managed to get lost (thanks to my particular lacking of a sense of direction). We aren’t sure if we missed a turn or took the wrong one, but somehow we ended up in a small town called Maxeys, Georgia […]

Athens, GA Night Photography

While my favorite aspect of photography is capturing genuine moments and my subjects’ personalities through candids and portraits, I also love night photography! I first tried it out in Paris last summer, and I was instantly hooked! You might have seen my previous post of night photography in Athens, GA (and if not, you can check it out here 🙂 ). Until Sunday night, it had been months since I’d taken any night shots, and I had a sudden urge to grab my camera and capture […]

Thomas Cotton Gin

I love the opportunity to photograph rural, old buildings and other subjects. It gives me a chance to capture a little bit of local heritage in a unique way! I was so excited when I was asked to photograph the Thomas Cotton Gin and the surrounding property in Watkinsville, Georgia. Hot Thomas Barbeque is a local gem beloved by many in Oconee County and beyond. Close by is the Gin, which is available as a venue for weddings and other events. Below are […]