Mackenzie Taylor Photography

Lillian Grace

Lillian Grace recently turned two years old, and I was so excited to photograph this cutie! I love interacting with children and getting to see them explore the world; I am always reminded of the importance of maintaining my own sense of wonder. During our shoot, Lillian Grace seemed fascinated by her surroundings, especially by a neighbor’s dog who wandered up to say hello! She was positively delighted to make a new friend, and so was the pup! See my favorite images from […]

Tybee Island, GA at Night

I spent this weekend at the beach on Tybee Island, Georgia, where I took some photographs using long exposures! I LOVE using long exposures at the beach because the slow shutter speeds make the water look so beautiful and smooth, conveying a sense of motion as the waves ebb and flow. I took these photos toward the end of sunset; see my favorites below! If you like my work, you can also order prints from my online gallery! Like what you see? Show some love […]

Caroline C.

Senior sessions are always a blast, and I had the best time capturing these images of Caroline on UGA’s North Campus! Her positivity was absolutely radiant, even when it started raining towards the end of our shoot. See my favorite images below 🙂 Congrats on making it to senior year, Caroline–I hope it’s the best so far! <3 Like what you see? Show some love and “like” Mackenzie Taylor Photography on Facebook!  

Reba & Hiram

I recently met up with Reba & Hiram for some photos along the UGA Intramural Fields trails near Lake Herrick, and these are some of my favorite portraits I’ve captured! Hiram is moving away soon, so the couple had the idea to have some pictures made before he leaves. They chose the location because it holds significance and memories for them, including a particularly meaningful lakeside bench. I had a lovely time capturing some truly adorable images of the two <3 See my favorites below! Like what […]

Maxeys, GA

This past weekend, I had family in town from Alabama, and I was so excited to go on a photo adventure with my cousin Cori! We decided to go explore a particular location neither of us had ever been before, but somehow managed to get lost (thanks to my particular lacking of a sense of direction). We aren’t sure if we missed a turn or took the wrong one, but somehow we ended up in a small town called Maxeys, Georgia […]

Athens, GA Night Photography

While my favorite aspect of photography is capturing genuine moments and my subjects’ personalities through candids and portraits, I also love night photography! I first tried it out in Paris last summer, and I was instantly hooked! You might have seen my previous post of night photography in Athens, GA (and if not, you can check it out here 🙂 ). Until Sunday night, it had been months since I’d taken any night shots, and I had a sudden urge to grab my camera and capture […]

Caleigh & Chaz

Caleigh & Chaz are step-siblings who will both be graduating high school next May! I thought it was so cool that they are in the same grade 🙂 Their senior session was a blast! We made our way around North Campus and Downtown Athens, and even stopped by Sanford Stadium for a few pictures. Check out my favorites below! Like what you see? Show some love and “like” Mackenzie Taylor Photography on Facebook! 


Caroline is GRADUATING from UGA this summer, and I couldn’t be happier for her! We had so much fun traipsing around North Campus as we took some celebratory pictures. Caroline is one of my closest friends, and  I often find myself in awe of her ability to connect with and understand others. Her level of compassion for the world and empathy for other people, as well as her incredible ability to view the world from a variety of perspectives, make her a one-of-a-kind […]

Elizabeth & Shelley

Elizabeth and Shelley are lifelong friends from Tifton, GA, and they are both GRADUATING in May! The two have been friends since preschool, growing up together and then making their way through college together at UGA. Last week, I shared some images from my own best friend’s graduation session; getting to photograph Elizabeth and Shelley in celebration of their upcoming graduation and their longstanding friendship was just as special! We had a great time exploring North Campus during their joint graduation session; Elizabeth and Shelley eagerly trusted […]


This graduation portrait session was super special for me. Danielle has been my best friend since we were in fourth grade, and she is GRADUATING this May! She chose to include some of her close friends and family–and even her dog, Snickers–in some of the pictures; what better way to celebrate her achievement than with loved ones? Getting to capture images not only of Danielle herself, but also of her friends and family sharing the experience with her, made for one of my favorite graduation […]